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LegalProfit is a team of experts to protect businesses’ and individuals’ interests. We will get to grips with your tasks and help with their implementation.


One of the components of a successful business is competent legal support. Legal Profit offers various forms of cooperation: one-time consultations, support of individual transactions, drawing up of contracts with your interests in mind, representation of interests in court and state bodies, full legal support of the company’s activities.


Almost every company in the course of business encounters debts to be received. Based on our experience, the earlier the creditor begins to collect overdue accounts, the greater the chance of success. Legal Profit renders a full package of debt recovery services, which can be divided into the following stages:


Legal Profit represents principals’ interests in state bodies (Federal Bailiff Service; Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography; Federal Antimonopoly Service; Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare; tax authorities; Federal Service for Intellectual Property; Federal Migration Service, etc.), including disputes on appealing against acts/omissions of officials and administrative offence cases.

The financial and economic crisis in Russia, has affected virtually all sectors of economy. The crisis is a phenomenon described by a sharp deterioration of the country’s economic condition, decline in production, growth of unemployment, downward changes in indices and quotations, etc.


All these criteria seem quite speculative to managers of certain companies. For them, the crisis means disruption of production relations, reduced demand, necessity to build a more efficient management system by reducing costs and mitigating risks, counterparty non-payments, legal conflicts, and debtors’ bankruptcy.


It is not often easy to meet all these simultaneous challenges. A company’s lawyer cannot possess extensive knowledge and practical experience in all fields of law, but the realities of the modern world require prompt and, most importantly, error-free solutions. A year ago, you could afford to budget a 200% profit and not to pay due attention to the terms of the transaction and the choice of the counterparty, assuming that the profit will cover all the risks. Currently, the price of such a mistake can turn out to be fatal, amid the economic crisis the competition intensifies, the profitability of projects decreases, the risks increase, and you can no longer afford the “luxury” of the previous years.


Business task solution is a teamwork, which requires effective legal support. The trend of the last few years was hiring of large Western law firms. The objective reason for this policy was the client’s desire to receive high quality legal services, and the cost issue was not taken into consideration when making management decisions.


Given the sharp fall of the rouble exchange rate and the need to minimize costs, including lawyers’ fees, it is most practical to make a choice based on the competence of the specialists hired and the cost of their services.


A good alternative is law firms having a decent staff of specialists capable of solving complex tasks and offering competitive prices for their services. Providing high quality legal services at fair prices, LegalProfit is ready to become your reliable partner.