About us

LegalProfit is a law firm focused on solving business problems of corporate clients, as well as representing their interests at state authorities, including courts.


We are contacted when it is necessary to recover debts, return lost assets, carry out bankruptcy proceedings or challenge state authorities’ actions.


We are committed to long-term cooperation and do not aim to make immediate profits. The main principle of our company is to provide high quality legal services.


— the vast majority of new clients come to us upon the recommendation of our clients, who have been satisfied with the quality of our services.

— our fees depend on the efficiency of our work.

Our capabilities to render high quality legal services are achieved by our exclusive specialization on providing legal support services for businesses and dispute resolution services.

— the solution of a specific problem will be dealt with by our lawyers, who have repeatedly achieved major accomplishments in solving similar problems. All our actions will be clearly planned and verified, which will ensure that you achieve the desired result;

— each lawyer in our company has his/her own area of expertise, which allows us to effectively solve problems in various fields of law;

— our lawyers have a rich practical experience in most typical situations that arise in different areas of business, which allows applying previous cases, involving competent experts and consultants to deliver guaranteed results. It is safe to say that we repeatedly resolved the issue you are facing for the first time.

— being constantly engaged in resolving disputable situations, we are well aware of the risks that may arise when concluding contracts or performing other legally binding actions, and we can prevent them.


Our experience shows that 90% of negative consequences can be avoided if initially there was proper legal support of the transaction. The later the decision to hire a qualified specialist is made, the higher the time and financial costs that will be required to solve the problem in the future.


We understand that it is the result of the work done that is important to our clients, and not the time spent on studying documents or in court. Therefore, we offer a fixed service fee, and the amount of remuneration is determined by the efficiency of our work.


Our fees are consistent with the result of the work performed, and your benefit significantly exceeds the costs incurred.